Old Fart Creation Fishing Rods

Old Fart Creation's Custom Fishing Rods are built with imagination and great care. I personally interview my clients to ensure their fishing rod will be exactly what they want and expect concerning the rods weight, action, power and design. With endless color combinations and designs your one of a kind fishing rod will not only be a beautiful work of art but also a magnificent fishing tool.

I use MHX brand fishing rod blanks with your choice of guides and handle material, there are many to choose from depending on the type of fishing you enjoy.


Old Fart Creation Fishing Plugs & Jigs

Old Fart Creations Custom Fishing Plugs are created in my workshop using various select Balsa, Bamboo, Cedar, Cypress and Oak wood.  They are designed by me and hand turned or carved into beautiful works of art that catch the fisherman’s eye well before they catch fish. Many are show pieces to be presented on a desktop or mantel.

My Fishing Jigs are made with 3D eyes and various colors of Buck tail hair. I use epoxy to color and finish the Jig with flashing in combinations with the tail hair to present attractive bait for the fish. These are one of a kind in that handmade jigs can be closely replicated but never exactly duplicated.

My Fishing Plugs & Jigs are all handmade by a proud Veteran that enjoys creating interesting and beautiful products. Making numerous lead head jigs. These are all productive jigs, all weights available. Custom colors too!